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What they wanted

Kompas RV Rental is a start-up company. They approached us to help them start their business. We really like working with start ups because,  we think it’s great to be at the forefront of a new company. We do not only carry out the desired work, but also give advise. We started with the design of a logo and their corporate identity, developing the website, copywriting and SEO optimization. In addition, we also did a photo and video shoot.

What we did

Together with the owners of Kompas, we started a strategic brainstorm session. Throughout this session we gather as much information as possible about the company and the people behind the company. We discuss the design requirements for their logo and corporate identity. They also made a mood board themselves. After the session we got to work. In addition to the logo and corporate identity, we also developed a complete website with a bookingsmodule. We optimized the website with the correct content, such as the photo and video material that we previously shot. We edited three professional videos from the material. The website is then SEO optimized and provided with the correct copywriting. All texts where written in the same tone of voice.

The result


A inspiring new business deserves a beautiful logo.

A logo is very important because it symbolizes your brand identity. The owners wanted an adventurous look with natural tones.

Of course, with a name like Kompas you cannot avoid using their name as a logo. In this way the name and logo reinforce each other.

The mountains symbolize the adventurous journeys that can be made with the camper. Because a compass is quite common and logos are difficult to make unique, we have angled the axes to make it a bit more playful.

Content Creatie

The owners of Kompas RV Rental aproached us near the end of the summer. We were well in september and only had a few more days of nice weather left. After the assignment was confirmed by Kompas, we got to work and started a strategic brainstorming session.

It soon became clear that we needed to create some video and photo content for filling the website and starting an advertising campaign.

Because we had only a few sunny days left we had to acty quick and ensure we could plan a shoot in the followin days. Within a day the shoot was scheduled and a few days later we were filming at a beautiful location that looked like a holiday foreign holiday location.

So within a few days we had high-quality photo and video material, which we will benefit  from in the coming period.

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General promotional video

Video afspelen

Camper specific video's

Video afspelen
Video afspelen

New website

After the content was shot in no time, our designer was busy with designing the logo / corporate identity and our web developer was able to start with the website.

The website needed to be smooth, modern and not too difficult. We have therefore created a clear and sleek website. As mentioned, with a booking module to rent a motorhome online and pay via Mollie (payment system).

We provided the website with its own video and photo content that we shot early. We think this is extremely important, because it shows who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

We received the website texts from the owners. Our copywriter optimized this text and provided it with the right tone of voice. 

In addition, the SEO also has been optimized. SEO stands for Search engine optimization in Google. So if you search for Kompas Camper Rental in Google, you want to be the first result without having to pay for advertising.

By using the right keywords you will rank higher. To optimize these results we first do a keyword analysis. After this we process these keywords in the snippet (title, url and meta description), page titles and web texts.

In addition, we carry out a number of technical optimizations. That apply to the SEO ranking. Think of optimizing the loading speed and a good sitemap of your website.

SEO is a long-term process, you have to get started with it right from the start and then have patience.

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